The Permutator 1.0.1

The Permutator 1.0.1: Save money on PPC advertising: create very large keyword phrase lists in minutes phrases are quickly bid up in price. The secret to getting low-priced clicks is to develop a comprehensive list of keyword phrases that other advertisers aren`t bidding on. The Permutator is a tool that quickly creates keyword phrases containing all possible combinations of your input keyword lists. Hundreds--even thousands--of keyword phrases. Phrases that haven`t been bid on by your competitors. Phrases that are still available for the minimum

AdWords Maker 1.02: Make more money from Google AdWords by generating more AdWord phrases
AdWords Maker 1.02

phrases. Use AdWords Maker to make hundreds of unique, relevant AdWords phrases for your AdWords campaigns. Substitute, rearrange, format for match type and filter phrases. Takes the strain out of making new phrases. To get a better ROI, you need to use phrase and exact matches. AdWords Maker lets you choose the match type and formats the output. We designed AdWords Maker to automate and simplify production of AdWords phrases for our own AdWords

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Template Phrases for Microsoft Outlook 3.0: Insert frequently-typed phrases or templates into e-mail messages in a click.
Template Phrases for Microsoft Outlook 3.0

phrases into your e-mail messages. The Template Phrases pane is built into the right part of the message window letting you see all your phrases at a glance organized in a multi-level tree structure. The add-in provides you a number of advanced features to streamline your email responses: - Support of macros in a template. You get a pretty good set of macros to automatically add attachments to your email messages, to fill in To, CC, BCC or Subject

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KeywordConvert 1.2.1: The program combines/formats keywords for Google AdWords campaigns in seconds
KeywordConvert 1.2.1

The program combines and formats keywords for Google Adwords campaigns in seconds. It combines separate keywords into phrases and then formats them by putting square brackets and quotation marks around them, thereby saving the user lots of time. It also generates misspellings for your words/phrases and allows you to `click and edit` your lists of keywords/phrases.

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Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced 16.52: Counts frequencies of words and phrases in a single file and in multiple files.
Hermetic Word Frequency Counter Advanced 16.52

This software scans one or more text or text-like files (e.g. HTML and XML files) and counts freqencies of the different words or phrases. The text can be non-English. The words/phrases found can be ordered alphabetically or by frequency. No limit on the size of an input file. The manner in which words are counted can be customized. Results can be written to a file. Can create an Excel file of words/phrases vs files.

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Alive Screen Saver. Shows on a screen short phrases. The phrases can be changed.

Screen Saver. Shows on a screen short phrases. The phrases can be changed. Replacement of color, supports change of screen resolutions. Phrases by default: I am alive! Have a Drink first... Oh, what a wonderful day! ...

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ArtistScope Translate ArtistScope Translate enables web sites for 27 different languages.
ArtistScope Translate

phrases to suit individual applications such as corporate web sites, online surveys, content management systems and eCommerce solutions can order a custom solution to include their own list of words and phrases. The maximum length of each phrase is limited to 100 characters. Words and phrases can include html comments such as font boldness, page breaks, returns etc. All contributing translators are well versed in English as a second language. For

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